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Taille directe sur pierre. Exécution du portrait de St Jean Baptiste de la Salle

Dotty is particularly fond of direct carving in stone.

Direct carving is creating a sculpture directly from the block of stone in the manner of Michelangelo. It is a delicate exercise which requires great mastery of 3-D projection and leaves no room for chance.

"Making direct carving is risks taking, but an exciting adventure of creation" Dotty.

Dotty works mainly with limestone. She chooses it according to the type of sculpture she wants to achieve. Her sculptures, once cut, are unique.

"I love the magic of the transformation of the rough stone in round and harmonious naked characteres. It is as if, through the use of my tools, I have freed the man or woman asleep from the stone" Dotty.

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Dotty produces sculptures for either interior or exterior use. Feel free to request a quote page contact.

Dotty also produces bronzes. For this she first models it in clay, then molds the sculpture before destroying it.

Délimitation du moule sur la Diva (terre) {JPEG} Moulage élastomère + chape de plâtre sur sculpture en terre. {JPEG} Après coulage en plâtre, démoulage (moule élastomère) {JPEG}

Then the work goes to the smelter or foundry where the traditional method of "lost wax casting" is used to produce the final end product.

The sculpture is then carved and colored. To finish, the artist deposits of gold leaf on some parts.

The mold used for casting can be used to produce 8 editions of the sculpture and 4 artist’s proofs. Each sculpture is numbered and has the status of bronze original.

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La diva, bronze original