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Dotty, 42, is a woman sculptor. Her artistic approach is a celebration of life through the human body. Bronze or stone, her characters are enhanced with gold giving them a precious and magical side. All of Dotty’s art is to make you enter another dimension: her contemporary and realistic imagination.


Her mission began in childhood. She attended various art classes parallel to the traditional curriculum.

After an academic course that leads up to master’s and MBA in England (Master in Business Administration), Dotty returned back to Paris. Working in commercial advertising, she was temporarily away from direct carving and sculpting.

She had to wait until the magic and providential meeting with the sculptor Petrus to rediscover her love for sculpting. Petrus is a master of direct carving.

In 1995 Dotty joins Petrus’s academy in Cardinet street, Paris (17th) and passionately follows his teachings. Day after day she learns the artistic anatomy, the calculation of proportions and the work of clay and stone in 3D. She studied her early portraits by making the bust of her fiancé and her self-portrait.

In 1998 she moved to Nantes. She opened her workshop in the neighborhood of Talensac, creates and frequents various local artists. Her sculptures are of naked men and women whose portraits emanate harmony and sincerity.

True to her inspiration of the human body, she willingly explores the world of animals like the elephant in the elephant driver, Japanese costumes and drapes or zooms in an anatomical part as illustrated so well in the sculpture of the hands of a man and woman intertwined.

Congratulations for your Internet site dear Dotty. Your work becomes more and more fabulous and I know that you will go very very far in direct carving. You have all my affection and respect. By sculptor Petrus, Guestbook, 1st june 2012.