A new statue of Holy Mary

December 8, 2013: After a blessing to the church and a joyous procession, the statue of the Immaculate Conception has finally found its place in the college chapel of Clisson city after around sixty hours of direct carving.

It is with pleasure that I accepted last June Mr. Lambart’s proposal : to make a statue of the Virgin Mary. For this project it choose a limestone dating from the Jurassic era !

I quickly realized that my artistic choices should take into account the final "clients", … the children .

Therefore for this statue, I first wanted to show a mother who welcome (see the position of hands) , then a moving woman (see the knee running, and the bust in the same movement), and finally a mother young and beautiful , full of freshness and life. A slight smile , but not much !

Movement, serenity and anatomical respect. The blue color coat came quite naturally to bring more "life".

While working I realized that the little Bernadette Soubirous was 14 years old when Mary appeared to her . And I was trying to give an image to this Immaculate Virgin for dozens of college students aged more or less the same ( 11-14 years) !

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